About US

Thank you for visiting my shop.đź’ž I'm Twisha Roy, the designer behind The Plenty New Co. This little "company" is a Partnership show - it's me and my husband, designing away, uploading it and loving every minute of it. I produce all of the art and manage The Plenty New Co., I live in the city of United States with my husband. I have Twins of a year old (One Boy and One Girl). I am passionate about art since I was 5 years old and designing is in my blood cells since then.

I strive to respond to messages within 24 hours on Messages, but occasionally things get a little hectic around here (the joys of being a Mother and an Artist!)❤ and it may take a little longer sometimes - feel free to have a convo with me if necessary. If you have any questions or problems after purchasing or before purchasing then drop a message here, I'll try to reply to you ASAP. I'll always do my best to make sure your experience with my artwork is stellar. :)